Why EcoPlus


Reasons to buy EcoPlus Products

  • Every year, more and more toner cartridges are simply thrown away, generating over millions of pounds of waste that can take over a thousand years to decompose
  • EcoPlus wants to help lead the effort to protect our planet. We believe that it is our responsibility to take care of our environment and build a better world for current and future generations
  • With every EcoPlus cartridge sold, a percentage of the proceeds are donated towards charities focusing on ENVIRONMENT, EDUCATION, HEALTH and POVERTY.

Distributors / Resellers Benefits


  • A uniquely branded product committed to environmental leadership
  • Three-tiered sales and customer service support
  • Sales and marketing support to promote and grow your business
  • Direct charitable contribution for every cartridge sold
  • Significant cost savings to you and your customers!
  • Eye catching package design and branding